Saudi minister denies asking PM Imran to act as mediator with Iran | Pakistan Today

Saudi minister denies asking PM Imran to act as mediator with Iran

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel al-Jubeir has denied reports of separate mediation efforts with Iran, one particularly led by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan to reduce tension between the two states, Middle East Eye reported.

“We are not having any mediation. People come to us with ideas and we give them our response and our response is what we would like the Iranians to do and that is it, and we would like to see actions rather than words,” Adel has reportedly said.

He added that there was compelling evidence that the September attacks on Saudi oil installations were with Iranian-made missiles and “Tehran must stop its rampage across the world”.

“It [Iran] should behave like a normal country following international laws if it wants to be welcomed,” Adel said.

Earlier in September, two Saudi Aramco installations were attacked and the Kingdom blamed Iran for it.

The Saudi foreign minister’s statement comes amid efforts being made by PM Imran to bring both Riyadh and Tehran to the talks table, reportedly on United States (US) President Donald Trump’s suggestion.

Imran, within the past few weeks, has also visited Saudi Arabia and Iran to push the two nations to bring an end to their long withstanding conflict.