Man live streams suicide on Facebook in Pakistan | Pakistan Today

Man live streams suicide on Facebook in Pakistan

In a first of its kind incident in the country, a young man from Ghotki in upper Sindh committed suicide and streamed it live on Facebook on Monday.

The police took his body to Mirpur Mathelo District Headquarters Hospital.

In the video, the man could be seen giving a message in Sindhi while addressing his family and friends.

In the six-minute-long clip, he frequently stressed that he was going to kill himself due to some failed relationship.

“I can see no way out of this pain and hence ending my life,” he could be hearted saying.

“If I have done any wrong to my friends, I seek their forgiveness,” he said.

Facebook has yet to take down the video.

Facebook, after successfully testing the video streaming feature in beta mode, rolled out this feature for the public back in 2016. Anyone with a Facebook account can access it at the top of their news feed, simply by selecting ‘Live Video’ from the dropdown menu. A three-second countdown begins before the Facebook user can begin filming live, and anyone can watch if they have selected the audience as public and not just for connected friends. Facebook Live broadcasts can last up to four hours.