Pilot safely crash lands army trainer aircraft near Wazirabad | Pakistan Today

Pilot safely crash lands army trainer aircraft near Wazirabad

GUJRANWALA: A Mushshak trainer aircraft belonging to the Army Aviation crash-landed in a paddy field near Wazirabad in Gujranwala district on Saturday.

The two-seater aircraft had taken off from Rahwali Cantt for a training mission, with Capt Ahmad and an instructor on board. Luckily, both pilots remained safe during the forced crash landing which was prompted due to a technical fault while flying over Dilawar Cheema near river Chenab. The plane was crash-landed in a paddy field.

Security officials and Rescue 1122 personnel reached the site soon after the incident.

The Mushshak basic trainer is a light-weight, single-engine aircraft. It can operate from any short unprepared strip and is ideal for basic flight training, instrument flying, aerobatics, stalls and deliberate spins, night flying, navigation flying and formation flying.

The aircraft, which has a structured life of 9,500 hours, was developed keeping flexibility in mind ─ it covers both army cooperation and primary flying training.