JUI-F’s sit-in still in ‘grey list’, says Sheikh Rasheed | Pakistan Today

JUI-F’s sit-in still in ‘grey list’, says Sheikh Rasheed

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed said on Saturday that Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl’s (JUI-F) suspension of negotiation is undemocratic and opposed to political norms.

Rasheed while addressing a press conference stated, “Even if all chaudhries die, Maulana still won’t be able to come into power to form a government.”

“The sit-in is still in the grey list, the JUI-F is still not sure of holding it,” he said.

“Maulana is making a mistake, his career can end and he is only doing it on someone else’s signals,” he added.

“This time, if an attempt is made to derail democracy, a decision to counter any such scheme will be made promptly. PM Imran formed a committee to hold dialogue with the opposition parties and that’s how democracy works,” he said.

“I am not against seminaries as they are minarets of Islam but the exploiting being done on name of religion is unacceptable. Maulana went to the Golden Temple but never paid a visit to Qaid-e-Azam’s shrine,” he added.

Rasheed said that PM Khan and army chief are two wheels of the same car and are on same page.

“The responsibility for the current economic crisis is on former rulers whereas our government is trying to improve the situation,” he said.