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Karachi firefighters on strike over non-payment of allowance

KARACHI: Firefighters from across the metropolis are continuing with their strike, putting the lives and properties of the residents of the metropolis at risk.

According to Firefighter Welfare Organisation, fire brigade employees are refusing to work after a unanimous decision by firefighters to leave work at all the fire stations.

Employees say they will no longer remove any fire tenders from any station in the city in case of an incident.

Workers claim that they have not been given a fire risk allowance for the last 17 months. They add that they will not resume work until they receive their fire allowance.

Moreover, Firefighter Welfare Organisation says employees have said they have not been paid for a month, and there has been no increase in salary in the last three months.

On the other hand, Chief Fire Officer Tehsin Siddiqui said that all the fire stations across Karachi will remain open, though operation could be affected due to the firefighters’ strike.

Siddiqui added the firefighters’ protest has become normal. “In any case of emergency, work will continue,” he said.

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