LEAs arrest Balochistan University’s staffer for ‘blackmailing’ students | Pakistan Today

LEAs arrest Balochistan University’s staffer for ‘blackmailing’ students

The law enforcement agencies on Monday arrested the Balochistan University’s security branch officer and surveillance in-charge for blackmailing students with the help of “immodest video content”.

According to a report in a local media outlet, the videos and footage of secretly installed cameras were also recovered from the suspects, which were used for blackmailing the university students.

The suspects had secretly installed cameras in various blocks of the university and video footage from these cameras were being used to blackmail the students.

The law enforcers also recovered “immodest and unethical content” from the staff officer of the vice-chancellor.

The accused used these recordings to blackmail students, mostly women, and subjected them to harassment.

Several affected girls have contacted the inquiry officials after the Federal Investigation Agency’s investigation of the scam.

A spokesperson of the Government of Balochistan has promised stern action against those involved in the harassment scandal. The FIA extended the scope of the investigation to 200 employees.

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