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BNP-M says may quit alliance over govt’s broken promises

As the opposition parties ramp up pressure on the government, the Balochistan National Party-Mengal (BNP-M), a government-ally in the Centre, has warned the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that it would quit the alliance if Prime Minister Imran Khan failed to fulfill his promises regarding BNP-M’s six-point demand.

Addressing a party meeting in Kalat on Sunday, BNP-M Secretary General Senator Jahanzaib Jamaldini said his party had a right to join hands with the opposition if the government didn’t the agreement with the party seriously.

“The federal government isn’t showing seriousness towards missing persons issue while 6% quota in federal jobs is also being violated.  We have the right to walk away from PTI’s alliance in the Centre,” Jamaldini said.

The senator said the JUI-F has a right to hold protest, as it is a democratic right of every political party or group.

“Intervention in parliamentary affairs would continue resulting in controlled-regimes in the country. A party was formed in Balochistan within a week while votes were also purchased for a certain party in the elections,” said the BNP-M leader in a reference to the Balochistan Awami Party.

Jamaldini also expressed concern over escalating inflation in the country, asserting that the PTI’s economic policies were harming the poor people instead of providing them any relief. He lauded services of slain Nooruddin Mengal for the party, saying that the BNP-M and the people of Balochistan will never forget his struggle.

The PTI was able to convince BNP-M before the voting on the federal budget after had threatened to abstain from voting, warning that it would go with whoever could address its grievances. However, the PTI assured the party that it would implement its six-point agenda soon, after which BNP-M lent support to the ruling party.

“BNP wants laws to ensure that no demographic change would take place in the wake of development projects in Gwadar. They also want assurance that people moving to Gwadar in wake of industrialisation would not be granted right to vote and only locals would have this right,” a source told Pakistan Today at the time.

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