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Cabinet Division directs officials to stop misuse of govt vehicles

–Any official found violating directives will be punished

ISLAMABAD: Cabinet Division has ordered ministries and divisions to follow Staff Car Rules and ensure implementation of Transport Monetisation Policy in letter and spirit after it was discovered that some officers had been allegedly misusing their official vehicles.

In a letter dated September 12, 2019, Cabinet Division made it clear that any officer found using their official vehicles in violation of the rules will be held accountable as decided by principal accounting officer (PAO).

Transport Monetization Policy and Rule 5 of the Staff Car Rules 1980 stipulate that vehicles authorised for protocol/operational and general duties purposes shall be used in accordance with the rules and for the purpose for which the vehicles have been authorised. However, there have been allegations of use of official vehicles in violation of the Staff Car Rules and Transport Monetisation Policy.

To avoid misuse of official vehicles, the Cabinet Division has directed ministries/divisions and departments to follow the Staff Car Rules and ensure implementation of Transport Monetisation Policy.

As per Cabinet Division’s directives, all official vehicles shall be parked in office premises, when not required for official duties and on the closed holidays. Vehicles from general pool will be provided on written requisition as per Rule 5 (10) of Staff Car Rules. Pick and drop facility to the officers in BPS-20 and above who are drawing the monetisation allowance may be restricted and vehicle from the general pool may be provided only for official duties. Similarly, pick and drop facility to BPS-16 to BPS-19 officers may be provided in case the officers sit late for two hours beyond the official timing.

“The vigilance committee shall submit a report to Cabinet Division at the end of each month with a certificate that no official vehicle has been misused,” the letter stated.

Cabinet Division also advised that the officer in charge shall ensure that movement registers and log books of the vehicles are properly maintained.  And, Rules for Use of Staff Cars, 1980 and Transport Monetization Policy as amended from time to time be implemented in letter and spirit.

Former government of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had introduced monetisation of transport facility for civil servants in the year 2012 apparently to eliminate misuse of official vehicles. Undertakings from each entitled officer were also obtained apparently to make liable to be proceeded under the relevant rules. And, all federal secretaries/PAOs were made responsible for the implementation of this policy particularly to ensure that each of the entitled officer in BPS-20 to BPS-22, including themselves, is not in possession or in use of any project vehicle or the departmental operational/general duty vehicle, as well as, any vehicle of an organisation or body corporate in his ex-officio capacity, except the only vehicle allocated to him/her through the monetisation policy.

However, misuse of official vehicle is still continued and the Cabinet Division has finally issued advisory cum warning to all ministries and divisions with objective to stop misuse of official vehicles, which will result in savings and will also help in discourage misuse of official transport facility.

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