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Judge Arshad Malik’s videos authentic, say two British forensic agencies

Two leading forensic firms of London have authenticated the audios, videos and transcripts of judge Arshad Malik that were recorded secretly by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Nasir Butt, according to a media report.

According to the report, the two digital forensic expert firms have confirmed in their separate notes addressed to Pakistani courts that the videos and audios made by Nasir Butt are genuine, original and the contents have not been tampered with or altered at any stage.

Both firms were instructed by Nasir Butt to also provide transcript of the videos and audios.

Judge Arshad Malik’s video caused a storm in Pakistan after PML-N released part of the videos – withholding six out of total seven videos – in which the former accountability judge has admitted that he was blackmailed and pressurised to give verdict against Nawaz Sharif in order to jail him.

Nasir Butt, the British national PML-N leader, who reached London three days before the video was made public, made the videos.

According to the report, two Samsung phones were forensically examined by the firms. One Samsung device only had audio of judge Arshad Malik on it and the other phone had both audio and video. On the phone used by Nasir Butt, while sitting next to Judge Arshad Malik, audio of the judge was recorded while an accomplice of Nasir Butt, sitting opposite, used front pocket of his jacket to make the video through Samsung phone, the report added.

Meanwhile, Nasir Butt has agreed to appear in the Pakistan High Commission in London along with the forensic reports of the data.

According to a media report, Nasir Butt said that he is ready to testify in the video scandal case.

“I can appear in court either through video link or in person,” he said.