Bilawal nominates political secy to contest PS-11 Larkana by-poll  | Pakistan Today

Bilawal nominates political secy to contest PS-11 Larkana by-poll 

LARKANA: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has nominated his political secretary Jamil Soomro as party’s candidate to contest by-election on PS-11, Larkana-II, against the joint candidate of Grand Democratic Alliance.

The announced was made by him at the end of his address to the Workers Convention held at Garhi Khuda Bux late Sunday evening which was largely attended by party activists came from nearby districts.

Bilawal said that anti-democratic forces do not digest provincial autonomy, economic rights of the provinces, 18th amendment for which we will have to fight against them to save the federation.

He said puppet rulers have attacked 18th amendment by frequently expressing their hate. He said due to failure of the Center provinces have become bankrupt and Sindh is facing 100 billion rupees loss. He said under the constitution, first right is always of the relevant provinces over natural resources but Center is depriving people of Sindh of gas royalty.

Bilawal said PTI, GDA and MQM intend to separate the capital of Sindh and their alliance intend to occupy Karachi on the pretext of the garbage but PPP will stand against them like a wall, he added. He said it is thought that by putting our leadership in jails they will make us weak but he added we will not bow down our head before puppet government.

He said we have faced tyrannies of Musharraf and Zia and are also prepared to bear the atrocities of puppet rulers. Bilawal said if anyone wants to leave BB Shaheed and Bhutto Shaheed’s caravan then he can go because we make a government with the votes of the masses not like selected.