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PTI takes out rally in Karachi to support Kashmiris

KARACHI: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) staged a rally in Karachi to support the Kashmiri brethren on Friday. The rally was staged from New Sabzi Mandi to Superhighway in the constituency of PS-99 and jointly led by PTI Sindh president Haleem Adil Sheikh and Vegetable Traders Association President Haji Azeem.

A large number of citizens and traders attended the rally to support solidarity with the Kashmiri people.

Separately, talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that every citizen of Pakistan supported the cause of Kashmir and stood shoulder by shoulder with the Pakistan army. He said the relationship between them and Kashmiris was the relation of Islam. This struggle in the leadership of Imran Khan would continue until the freedom of the occupied Kashmir.

Adil said, “Modi thinks that he would control the occupied Kashmir after ending its special status. Modi is involved in the genocide of Kashmiris. Captain Imran Khan has emerged as a great leader. The US President has mentioned Kashmir thrice, recently.”

Criticizing PPP minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla, he said Mukesh had opened wine shops in every corner of Sindh. He said there was a water shortage in Sindh, but no shortage of wine due to the wine-patronage policies of Chawla. He said one day Chawla also would be nabbed by the NAB for his mega corruption. He said all corrupt people would be made accountable.

He also stated that Bilawal Zardari was an accidental leader and he should avoid boasting a lot. He said had Bilawal were the leader of people he would have taken efforts to resolve problems of people of Sindh.

He said minorities in Pakistan enjoyed their full rights. He said that on August 31, a big rally has been arranged at Umerkot on the special invitation of the minorities and Prime Minister Imran Khan would also attend it and give a befitting reply to Modi.

He said Sindh had faced massive destruction during the recent rains. He said overflowing of Nullahs had made huge damage.

He further said that gutter water was present at Shah Faisal Colony, Sachal Goth and other areas of Karachi. He said the rulers had devoured development funds.

Nadir Magsi says that 39 members of PPP are facing corruption cases. He said the PPP rulers are still not fed up with corruption, he added.

He said: “I am seeing something ‘cooking’ in Sindh, and members of PPP are pulling long faces. He said at least there are four to five candidates for chief minister’s slot in Sindh. He said ‘we do not believe in any non-political act’.