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Imran again warns of ‘false flag operation’ by India

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday once again alerted the international community to a possible “false flag operation” like Pulwama attack by the Indian government to “divert attention from massive human rights violations” in occupied Kashmir.

“I want to warn the international community that the Indian leadership will in all probability attempt a false flag operation to divert attention from its massive human rights violations and the unleashing of a reign of terror in IOJK [Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir],” said the premier in a Twitter post.

“We are hearing Indian media claims that some terrorists from Afghanistan have entered IOJK for terrorist activities, while others have entered India’s southern regions. These claims are predictable to divert attention from India’s ethnic cleansing and genocide agenda in IOJK,” he added.

The prime minister’s comments come as Indian premier Narendra Modi visits France ahead of the G-7 summit.

According to international media reports, French President Emmanuel Macron, in his meeting with Modi on Thursday, pressed for dialogue with Pakistan over the crisis in occupied Kashmir.

As part of his three-nation tour, Modi will next visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. In the UAE, Modi will be conferred with the nation’s highest honor, the Order of Zayed, according to Hindustan Times. Modi’s visit to Bahrain will be the first-ever by an Indian prime minister.

It merits a mention here that the volume of bilateral trade between India and the oil-rich Gulf states exceeds the $50 billion mark. Recently, Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries has agreed to sell a 20% stake – worth US$15bn – in its refining and petrochemicals business to Saudi state-owned oil giant Aramco. The hefty amount of money, which is at stake, has compelled the mega-rich Muslim states to keep mum over Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

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