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Qureshi draws UN’s attention to ‘humanitarian situation’ in IOK

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday wrote another letter to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, directing her attention to the “seriously deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation” in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

According to a statement of the Foreign Office, Qureshi, in his letter, highlighted the “context and consequences of India’s illegal and unilateral actions” of August 5, when New Delhi abrogated Article 370 of the Indian constitution, stripping occupied Kashmir of its special status.

Following the constitutional measure, a strict lockdown and a communications blackout was imposed in the area and Kashmiri politicians were placed under house arrest.

Earlier in an interview to a private media outlet, Qureshi said India is heading towards genocide in occupied Kashmir and that international community needed to open its eyes towards the propaganda by the Indian media.

“The situation has escalated in occupied Kashmir. Genocide Watch has also released an alert regarding the genocide in the valley,” he said.

He added, the Kashmiris are trying to take control of the situation on their own. “India is heading towards genocide in the valley.”

The foreign minister further said, he has spoken to his Japanese counterpart and apprised him of the situation in the valley. “I have informed him of the propaganda by Indian media.”

“The world needs to take notice of Indian propaganda,” Qureshi said, adding it was the responsibility of G7 and its members to open its eyes towards the propaganda. This is an issue of the region. G7 needs to be informed about it.”

“The Indian media is falsely propagating that around 100 terrorists will enter. India can do a false flag operation in occupied Kashmir,” he added.

He further said India will try to stop protests in the occupied valley today. “There is a danger of bloodshed. If there is any incident of terrorism, India will point fingers at Pakistan.”

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