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Axcuse Me guy called out for not making video on climate change

(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

Social media sensation Waseem Hassan Sheikh, more popularly known as the ‘Axcuse Me’ man, was called out on social media on Sunday for not making any video on the important issue of climate change.

“For a person with such a huge platform to not address the issue of climate change is criminal, if you think about it,” wrote @WokeBlokeLhr on Twitter. “I think it is his privilege which affords him his distance from the issue.”

“I hate him,” he added.

“It’s complicity, plain and simple,” wrote @GirlyGirlGirlMaybe, another twitter user. “The man is as bad, yes as bad, as the oil companies that pollute our air.”

“Listen, is climate change a serious issue that takes, directly and indirectly, hundreds of millions of lives every year and affects the quality of life of millions other? If yes, then not using the resources at his disposal for talking against climate change puts him right up there with Ben Van Buerden, CEO of Shell, whose name I always knew and didn’t google while you asked me this question,” said @HarleyDavidsonSex, while speaking to The Dependent through Direct Message on Twitter.

The situation took an unexpected turn when it was revealed that Sheikh had, indeed, made a video on climate change, which bucked the #AxcuseMeGuyCancelled trend on twitter, only to restart when @TaTaByeBye asked, “But has he spoken on Hepatitis and water-borne diseases?”

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.