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Project vows to plant 8,000 trees till Aug 14

LAHORE: The Sarah Tareen Productions and the Citizens Archive Pakistan in collaboration with Afforestation Lahore held a tree plantation drive with the mission of clean and green Pakistan here on Saturday in the Greater Iqbal Park.

The DeliveTree, a tree revival and engagement enterprise, vowed to plant  8,000 trees from 10th August to 14th August 2019 keeping in view the climatic changes in Pakistan and the plantations would be held in collaboration with the Government’s Clean and Green Pakistan campaign and Afforestation Lahore, Pakistan Today learnt.

It was further learnt during the plantation ceremony that the organization had planted more than 20,000 trees across Lahore and is a member of the consortium and steering committee for Greening Lahore. DeliveTree, Afforestation Lahore and the Lahore Ring Road Authority were working to convert the Lahore Ring Road into a green belt that goes around Lahore, creating oxygen pockets like Halloki Green Interchange into 19 acres of forest consisting of local trees. The total number of trees planted by DeliveTree and all the trees planted in the city of Lahore will be monitored by the DeliveTree app.

During the plantation ceremony, the experts said that the world standard required a minimum of 25 to 30 per cent of green open space in urban areas whereas Lahore had only 3 per cent of green area and even that area was also being paved and used to make roads and buildings which was further decreasing the greenery of the city.

DeliveTree invited people from all over Lahore and from different walks of life including the government officials, corporate representatives and active members of the civil society.

S.Izmerai Durrani, DeliveTree CEO, said on the ceremony of plantation drive, “We are at a historic site, learning from the past and taking it with us, in the present to build a future that is a sustainable and green Pakistan, for generations to come.”

Sarah Tareen, Film Director said, “At STP Film, we believe in supporting the causes that are working on creating a better world and future for the youth. The Greater Iqbal Park with its rich history and significance is the hub of culture and heritage of Lahore. As a tribute to the city of gardens, we decided to play our part and support the plantation of local and indigenous trees so that the citizens of Lahore can rediscover their love of recreation, in this historical site.”

One of the volunteers who participated energetically in the plantation drive and a graduate of Aitichison College Aamen Farhan said, “This is a good initiative and we are with this cause from the core of heart. Pakistan at this time needs a lot of plantation because of the climatic changes. I think youth can play a good role in this.”

Hyfa Humayun another volunteer was of the view that Lahore was once a green area but with the passage of time and increase in the expansion of the city the greenery had gone away and such activities would create awareness among the people so that everyone participates in plantation.

Nofel Safwan another volunteer said that trees were the beauty of the city and reviving the greenery of Lahore was important.

“It was known as city of gardens at one time but now we hardly see greenery in Lahore. I along with my friends encourage youngsters to plant trees and plants so that we get a fresh look back in the city” he said.