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‘Father out to kill me for honor’, says India’s BJP MLA’s daughter who married Dalit

The daughter of a BJP legislator from India’s Uttar Pradesh has alleged that her life is in danger from her father after she married a Dalit (a low Hindu caste) man and asked the police for security.

Sakshi Misra, 23, who is the daughter of Rajesh Misra, the MLA from Bithari Chainpur in Bareilly district, uploaded videos on social media on Wednesday announcing her wedding to Ajitesh Kumar, 29.

In an appeal to her father, she asked him to back off and let the couple live peacefully while warning him to ‘stay off Ajitesh and his family’ or face the consequences.

“I have married of my free will and my father has sent out his goons for us… I am tired of running, I seek police protection,” she said in a video where Kumar can be seen sitting next to him. “If they catch us, they will definitely kill us,” she added.

Kumar also spoke of the alleged goons following them, “We managed a narrow escape this morning after a group people landed at the hotel we were staying in.”

He alleged that Sakshi’s family was out to kill them for ‘honor’ as he was from a Dalit family.

In another video, she has apprehended threat to her life from her father, brother and an associate, and urged the Bareilly senior superintendent of police to extend security to them. Sakshi Misra has also appealed to the MPs and MLAs of Bareilly to not help Rajesh Misra as she alleged that her father and others were out to eliminate her.

Deputy Inspector General R K Pandey said he had come to know of the video messages and had asked the SSP to extend security to the couple. The DIG said the police do not know where to give her security as she had not disclosed her location, reported PTI.

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