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Karachi worst city due to Sindh govt’s incompetence, says acting CJP

KARACHI: Acting Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Thursday remarked that there was no rule of law in Karachi and that the Sindh government was helpless in this regard.

While hearing a suo motu case at the Supreme Court pertaining to the death of 10-year-old Amal Umer, the acting CJP expressed regret over the state of things, saying Karachi has become the “worst city” in Pakistan.

The three-member bench hearing the case also expressed distrust in the provincial government: “The Sindh government doesn’t even have a solution to any problem so you don’t speak.” He was addressing the government prosecutor who wanted to present Sindh’s stance in the case.

The state of the Sindh government was “very bad”, he said, regretting the situation in Karachi.

In past, the city was safe and people could be able to go wherever they wanted, but now the children cannot even leave their houses [due to higher crime rate].

He said at least Rs9 million were stolen at gunpoint in a crowded bazaar, adding that fugitives were roaming freely in Karachi and police were unable to catch them.

Such a situation has brought the progress to a halt as police officers just wanted to collect money and had left the people of the city on their own.

During the proceedings, the lawyer representing Amal Umer’s said that in a report about the incident had been fixed upon police, regulators and the hospital. Police also admitted their fault, he added. He said Sindh police were barred from using heavy weapons patrolling following the report.

The acting CJP questioned the feasibility of stopping the police from using weapons “in a city like Karachi”, expressing little knowledge of the case.

The lawyer noted that in many cities across the world, patrolling police are not given weapons such as machine guns.

The SC adjourned the case until after the summer holidays and ordered parties in the case to submit their written recommendations within a month.

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