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No ruckus at Pakistan Embassy in Kabul

ISLAMABAD: Contrary to reports of ruckus outside Pakistan Embassy in Kabul over non-issuance of visas to some Afghan applicants, sources informed Pakistan Today that the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul continues operations and is serving visa applicants as per routine.

Earlier in the day, reports surfaced that some Afghan citizens created ruckus outside the Pakistan High Commission in the Afghan capital after they were denied visas to visit Pakistan. The reports stated that the Afghan citizens involved demanded immediate issuance of visas and were only dispersed when the Afghan security personnel intervened to control the crowd.

The reports further added that the angry crowd did not cause any damage to the infrastructure of the embassy building nor did it harm any consular staff.

However, sources said that the matter was resolved peacefully by the Afghan authorities and embassy continues smooth consular operations. Sources also said that the embassy officials are in close contact with the Afghan authorities, including Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Special Force for the Security of Diplomatic Missions in Kabul and Afghanistan Police. Sources further said that the Foreign Office (FO) is also in close contact with the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul.

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