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FBR directs banks to provide details of benami accounts

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Syed Shabbar Zaidi on Friday asked banks to provide details of benami accounts to initiate swift action.

The directives were issued to the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) of the bank, who called on the chairman at the FBR House to discuss the provision of information of benami accounts.

“Action will be taken against those accounts holder who fails in taking benefit from the tax amnesty scheme till June 1,” FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi vowed.

It is learned that the CFOs of banks assured their cooperation to the FBR chairman regarding the benami accounts as required by revenue collecting authority.

On Thursday Prime Minister Imran Khan in a recorded video message addressing the nation had said: “I am here to discuss a very critical matter with the people of Pakistan, only 1% of the population is filing taxes and bearing the weight of the other 99%.”

The premier said, if you do not pay your taxes then we can’t help rebuild the country, due to lack of tax collection,” said the PM.

Prime Minister Imran in the video assures the nation to guard their wealth and not relegate it to corruption and theft.

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