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Ishaq Dar urges NAB to ‘avoid maligning politicians’

LONDON: Former Finance Minister and leader of PML(N) Ishaq Dar has urged the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to avoid taking any action that amounts to blackmailing and maligning the political leaders or other sections of the society.

“NAB is a national institution, it should ensure its fair, independent and transparent working, under all circumstances,” he said in an interview with a UK-based private tv channel. He criticized the recent press conference, addressed by the chairman NAB, stating it had no justification.

“The chairman was not supposed to deliberate upon on political matters,” he said.

The NAB, he asserted should follow self-imposed ethical practices in its official behavior.

To a question, about the emerging political alliance against the present government, Ishaq Dar said it was high time that the opposition parties come on one platform to stop the government putting the economy on a verge of high-risk, destroying the country’s entire economic structure.

About the devaluation, he said it was the result of total mismanagement at the government’s level. Stating that devaluation is a mother of all economic evils, it increases miseries of the common man.

The PTI’s government, former finance minister further said was committing ‘economic terrorism’ by crushing the common man with heavy inflation.

Referring to the recent State Bank of Pakistan’s report, Ishaq Dar said it was reflective of the worst economic policy of the present government.

There was no reason to jacks up the interest rate from 10.75 percent to 12.25 percent.  This will have a very negative impact on the Stock Exchange as well as the overall economy, he added.

The low growth rate, rising inflation, and economic debt speak high of government’s failure in all sectors of the economy, he added.

Ishaq Dar also criticized the six billion’s dollar’s deal with the IMF, stating it was not reasonable by anyway, as it was going to raise the further burden on the national economy.

He also spoke the economic achievements of the PML’s government, which had made the country’s economic ranking and credibility at a higher level World over.  There was a time when during their tenure of the government, Pakistan was about to join G-20 group, he added.

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