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Corbyn says IMF packages never benefit ordinary people

British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn has given his two cents on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan programs and said that such deals did not benefit ordinary people.

In an interview with a private media outlet on Monday, Corbyn, who was attending an iftar-dinner at the Islamic Centre to show his support for the Muslim community during Ramzan, said he had always expressed his reservation at such agreements.

The Opposition leader in the House of Commons said: “What can [in fact] resolve the issue of poverty around the world is fairer trade, dealing with the debt crisis that many countries face, [an] investment in agriculture and industrial systems for the future, and dealing with the issues of climate emergency.

“I’m always concerned when arrangements are made particularly … what the terms are of those arrangements because we need a world in which there is less poverty, and a fairer distribution of wealth and power,” he said.

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