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SHC chief justice criticises NAB’s performance

KARACHI: The chief justice of the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday expressed his concerns on the performance of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in ongoing graft cases.

As per details, SHC heard corruption cases against the accused Shafqat Ali Shah, Hameed Ullah and others.

The court during the hearing expressed anger towards Director NAB Karachi and questioned that what are the measures which were taken against the accused suspects? However, the anti-graft body’s investigation officer failed to provide any suitable answer before the court.

The court by expressing anger on investigation officer said that if the bank accounts are empty why you don’t seize the properties of the accused.

The court over the failure of NAB’s investigation officer to submit a reasonable reply summoned Director NAB Karachi Shehzad Imtiaz on the rostrum. The court, question Shehzad that who prepares a call-up notice.

To which, the director replied that it is being prepared by the investigation officers of the case. At which, the court in its remarks asked that do you know how to prepare it. The court, however, astonished that NAB’s director doesn’t even prepare a call-up notice.

The court in its remarks said that you are working within the bureau since past 16 years and do not even know how to prepare a call-up notice and ordered him to prepare a call-up notice in the courtroom and asked him to show only a single call-up notice of Karachi that consists all of the charges of the accused.

The court, later on, by ordering the NAB to prepare themselves for the court on next hearing adjourned the case’s hearing till May 30.

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