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Imran launches ‘Mazdoor-Ka-Ehsas’ programme on Labour Day

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday announced the launch of “Mazdoor-Ka-Ehsaas” initiative in a message he sent to not only Pakistan but the world on Labour Day.

In his message, he said that the initiative “is one of the pillars under the government’s priority social protection and poverty alleviation programme.”

It will be aimed at developing social protection measures for workers in the informal sector.

PM Imran also highlighted the policies undertaken for the welfare of overseas Pakistani workers under the Ehsaas initiative, “such as enhancing the number and quality of institutional arrangements that are responsible for protecting migrant workers, creating online interfaces to facilitate them, negotiations with host countries aimed at increasing the duration of the first contract of migrant workers and subsidies on air tickets for the workers who haven’t returned home for seven years.”

He said his government was trying to “strengthen the labour market and have a plan to create 10 million jobs over five years in key sectors like housing, SMEs, ICT, health, education, green economy and tourism”.

“The government is focused on regulating labour market along with a job placement mechanism supported by public-private partnerships to improve skill matching; enforcement of minimum wages; employees social welfare and measures against workplace harassment,” the premier maintained in his message.

He also said that Pakistan will join the global community today to commemorate the Labour Day and pay tributes to the heroic struggle and sacrifices rendered by the workers in Chicago for upholding their fundamental rights and ensuring a fair working environment.

Imran said that historic day also afforded the opportunity to recognise the valuable contributions that workers make for the progress and development of countries all over the world.

“I take this opportunity to felicitate the workers with the belief and confidence that they will become our partner in realizing Naya Pakistan and continue to participate in the development of the country with renewed zeal and vigour,” PM said.

President Dr Arif Alvi also reiterated the government commitment to effectively protect the rights of workers to help them meet emerging challenges of globalisation.

President in his message said the government will do its utmost to ameliorate and improve the socio-economic conditions of workers.

He said that this day is not only a reminder of the struggle of workers but also an acknowledgement of their importance for national growth and progress.

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