Bilawal slaps back at Imran’s misogyny | Pakistan Today

Bilawal slaps back at Imran’s misogyny

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Thursday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments using words such as ‘sahiba’ are nothing but an insult to himself as it shows his mentality.

While speaking to reporters outside the Parliament House, Bilawal said, “Referring to a man as a woman does not harm the man but what sort of message does this send to the women of Pakistan? That our prime minister is saying that being a woman is an insult?”

“This is Pakistan and here women stand shoulder to shoulder with men. If there was no Fatima Jinnah would Pakistan be formed? If there was no Fatima Jinnah who would oppose Ayub?” Bilawal asked.

“We were the first Muslim country to elect a women prime minister. We are proud of the women of this country. We think they should be given space in politics, economy and society. If Khan Sahab thinks to pass comment like this, he is insulting anyone, he is only insulting himself,” he said.

He is this country’s prime minister and he should hold his tongue,” he said as he advised Imran Khan to “hold his tongue” since he is the country’s prime minister who is heard by everyone in the country.

Regarding the fact that the premier termed the incident as a slip of tongue, Bilawal said, “The amount of slip of tongues by this prime minister is more than the speed of light. Slip of tongues should not happen because it insults the entire nation. So many slips of tongue happen when we have a selected PM.”

Commenting on the current economic situation, Bilawal said, “People are drowning in a tsunami of inflation. In every industry there is unemployment. Inflation has risen so much that life has become difficult for Pakistanis.”

“How can this government say inflation is not an issue? Inflation is worrisome for every Pakistani and it is the government’s job to provide relief to people,” he said.

“Why should we be happy if loans are leading to prices being raised? Can the poor be given amnesty and relief? The government will eliminate subsidies to provide relief to the rich,” he asked as he warned about people taking to the streets if the situation did not change soon.

To a question, Bilawal replied, “We did not accept the one-unit system before and won’t accept it today either. If attempts are made to bring in the one-unit system or presidential system then I am warning you, the country will be split,” he stated.

“The government should do its work and stop politics of containers and rallies,” Bilawal said.