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Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s Urs begins

SEHWAN:Hundreds of thousands of devotees from all around the country have gathered today to attend the three-day urs celebrations of venerated Sufi saint, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, at his shrine in Sehwan Sharif.

The visitors have come prepared to stay in the city throughout the urs, with a few staying in houses rented from locals while others carry tents with them for their sojourn.

Walkthrough gates and CCTV cameras have been installed for the safety of the devotees. At least 5,000 police personnel and 1,000 Rangers officials have also been deployed to maintain law and order.

Langar (food) and sabeel (sweet drinks) are easily accessible all around the shrine.

Qalandar was a poet and one of the most renowned Sufi saints in Pakistan’s history. The loving music and poetry of Sufis propelled Islam throughout South Asia hundreds of years ago, and Lal Shahbaz is one of the most venerated of all.

He welcomed those from all religions, castes, and creeds, and the tradition continues. Muslims are not the only ones coming to see Lal Shahbaz’s tomb; Hindus also embark on this Sufi yatra, and the shrine is open to anyone of any faith.

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