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SC acquits murder convict over lack of evidence

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Monday acquitted a life sentence convict, giving him benefit of doubt.

The trial court had awarded capital punishment to Shahid Hamid over alleged murder of Muhammad Usman in a locality of Factory Area Police Station Sheikhupura in 2009. The Lahore High Court had converted the death penalty into life imprisonment.

A three-member bench of the apex court, headed by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, heard the case against the decision of Lahore High Court.

During the course of proceedings, Chief Justice Asif Saeed remarked that Allah Almighty had ordained the principle to record witness and will order to present witnesses on Day of Judgment despite having infinite knowledge.

He said all human organs – eyes, ears & mouth etc – will give testimony regarding human actions and deeds on that Day.

He observed that there was a common mistake in all cases that accused were real but witnesses were fake. In every case, the apex court had to declare that witnesses were not acceptable, he added.

“We are trying to improve the overall system,” he remarked.

He observed that a witness in the case – Ghazanfar Patwari – remained appointed in Lahore for the last twenty years.

He remarked that Patwaris have the record of towns/cities and asked what would happen to the system, if a Patwari recorded false testimony.

He asked how a person appointed in Lahore, could be a witness of a murder case in Sheikhupura.

He observed that prosecution failed to submit evidence beyond doubt. Later, the court acquitted the accused over lack of evidence.

The Chief Justice asked what should be done with the Patwari as the accused had been acquitted.

The counsel pleaded the court to forgive Ghazanfar Patwari.

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