Karachi to have updated weather surveillance radar by December | Pakistan Today

Karachi to have updated weather surveillance radar by December

KARACHI: An updated weather radar with a surveillance capacity of 400 Km radius will be fully operational in Karachi by December this year, said Syed Abdul Rasheed, Pakistan Meteorological Department’s chief meteorologist.

Talking to APP on Friday, he said the gadget being procured with the support of Japan, under JICA program, was very much needed in view of fast changing climatic conditions and associated requirements.

“As a matter of fact, the previous one procured in 1995 had turned obsolete and needed to be essentially replaced,” he said mentioning that 98% cost of the radar is being borne by the Japanese government.  Japan was said to have provided two of these radars to Pakistan of which one has already been inaugurated in Islamabad while the second one is in process of be installed in Karachi.

About its particular relevance for Karachi, the meteorologist said that besides complimenting the process of weather forecast it would be particularly beneficial in providing timely warning related to tropical cyclone besides rain forecast and changing weather patterns.

“The one we were using was also procured from Japan in 1995 and was in need of spare parts replacement that were not available as concerned Japanese company had stopped to manufacture it,” said the meteorologist mentioning that GoJ had offered Pakistan to have the updated version as a gesture of good-will between the two countries.