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Canadian woman withdraws harassment case against Islamabad men

ISLAMABAD: Canadian model Asoomii Jay alias Assma Galuta – who was harassed by two men in Islamabad – has reportedly withdrawn her complaint.

Jay, known for her humanitarian work, is currently visiting the country to raise awareness about social injustices, including Islamophobia.

In a video message, she said although she has identified her harassers, however, she wishes no further action against them.

Expressing gratitude, Jay said the “swift action taken by the Pakistani authorities acts as a testament to the fact that Pakistan is a peace-loving country”.

“I have dropped all charges after I received a sincere apology because I truly believe in the concept of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ when I found out these boys were young and their families were being tormented, I understood their parents will deal with them at home for bringing shame,” she said.

Earlier, she maintained that she was in an area on the confluence of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, waiting for her cab to go home when two men pulled up in a car and started cat-calling her and repeatedly told her to get in their car on Monday. When she refused, they followed her cab for the next two hours as she travelled to her destination in Islamabad.

A video she made of the men showed them trying to intercept her car and asking the driver for her destination. She had posted the video on the internet and it went viral.

Islamabad IGP Amir Zulfiqar Khan had also taken notice of the incident and directed to arrest the culprits.

A first information report (FIR) of the incident was later registered against the two suspects at Sihala police station with charges of attempting to illegally confine, criminally intimidate and assault.

On Thursday, federal police arrested the two men who were accused of harassing Jay.

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