Mobile internet service restored in Bajaur

BAJAUR: Mobile internet service was formally restored in Bajaur district on Monday.

According to details, mobile internet facility, 2-G and 3-G were restored in the district. People of the area expressed pleasures over the restoration of mobile internet service in Bajaur, the first region in erstwhile FATA to have a modern internet facility.

They thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for taking a keen interest in resuming internet facilities, saying that restoration of mobile internet service was their long-standing demand.

They also expressed hope that restoration of mobile internet service would start a new era of development in the district.

Prime Minister Imran in a message on twitter said that restoration of 3-G mobile internet facility would open employment opportunity in the region.

He also said that PTI government has fulfilled another commitment with tribal people of providing them the modern telecom services at their doorstep.

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