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‘Drunk’ PIA pilot suspended

The aviation authorities on Thursday stopped a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from taking off after the pilot was suspected of being intoxicated.

According to details, PK-791, a Birmingham-bound flight, was stopped at the eleventh hour.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) directed for an alternative pilot for the flight, ordering a medical checkup of PIA pilot Captain Umar Khayyam. The flight was scheduled to depart at 11:50 am, but it took off around 2:15pm due to the delay.

The CAA spokesperson told a local media outlet that an alcohol test of the pilot has been conducted. However, he did not confirm whether the pilot was tested positive, adding that strict action would be taken in case of misconduct.

The said pilot has been suspended and an inquiry has been ordered against him, he stated. “After reviewing detailed report of the relevant organisation, strict action would be taken against the pilot, which includes dismissal from the job.”

The PIA will not tolerate such misconduct, he added.

Meanwhile, the pilot reportedly presented a doctor’s prescription of cough syrup upon interrogation.

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