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Australian far-right activist says Christchurch terror attack was ‘karma’

QUEENSLAND: An Australian far-right activist Neil Erikson on Tuesday called the Christchurch terrorist attack “a big news day for the leftists”, adding that the death of 50 people at two mosques was “karma” and declared “we’re the sleeping dragon and we have woken”.

Erikson, was amongst the men who held down a 17-year-old Will Connolly after the teen broke a raw egg on the Queensland senator Fraser Anning head on Saturday after he had held Muslims immigrants responsible for the deadly terror attack.

The far-right agitator, who was once convicted of inciting serious contempt against Muslims when he staged a mock beheading, can be seen in the footage holding Connolly’s head on the ground.

Another ultra-nationalist, Ricky Turner, was holding Connolly around the neck while two other men held the teen’s legs.

On Saturday morning, as New Zealand was coming to terms with the country’s worst ever terror attack, Erikson posted a video on YouTube.

“What do you expect is going to happen,” he said. “Don’t play the victims now.”

In the offensive three-minute video, Erikson attempted to play down his support for the accused shooter, 28-year-old Australian terrorist Brenton Tarrant.

He said he was “not condoning terrorism” and labelled Tarrant “a gamer” and “a troll”.

Erikson was at the Moorabbin event to support Senator Anning. He stood at the door and controlled access to the building, according to the ABC.

He told the Daily Mail that he had held the teenager down “for his own protection more than anything”.

Turner, who could be heard telling the teen he was “weak”, said he was “just making sure the Senator wasn’t punched or stabbed”.

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