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SHC orders Sindh govt to amend Diat laws

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday directed the Sindh government to conduct amendment in rules and laws regarding the blood-money (Diat) and ordered measurements to be taken for the release of poor prisoners within 15 days.

A two-member bench of SHC, headed by SHC Chief Justice Ahmed Ali M Shaikh, heard the petition about those prisoners who could not get released due to not having any money for Diat. The bench sought an updated report from the Sindh government within a month.

Poor prisoners, who cannot pay blood-money, be released within 15 days, SHC CJ remarked

The Sindh home department told the bench that it pays money of those prisoners who are in the age of 60 years.

The bench replied: “If such method continues, then the whole life of prisoners will pass in the jails, Sindh government should take measurements for the release of poor prisoners.”

The home department submitted its report before the bench and said that there are 35 such prisoners in the jails who were imposed with a fine of Rs10.8 million as blood-money.

The petitioner stated before the bench that there are hundreds of such prisoners in Sindhís jails who are suffering due to having no blood-money.

He requested the court to order the Sindh government to pay their blood-money and release them as soon as possible.

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