Govt decides to restore national TV transmission in tribal areas | Pakistan Today

Govt decides to restore national TV transmission in tribal areas

The federal government has decided to restore transmission of national television in the tribal areas, according to media reports.

The government also contacted the inspector general Frontier Constabulary and exchanged views on giving tribal people access to information and broadcasting channels. The decision in this regard was taken after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Bajaur where he had also addressed a mammoth public meeting.

The security institutions and the government agreed on restoring the national television transmission in tribal districts.

It is learnt that work for installation of boosters has begun. The TV boosters were destroyed during militancy in the areas a few years ago. Initially, militants in tribal region had occupied the booster building on the hilltop in Barang area, near Khar, and blew it up in 2007. The transmission remained suspended for four years and resumed for a brief period later on.

However, security forces later launched operation in 2008 and after prolonged gun-battle, they succeeded in restoring government’s writ in areas infested by the militants.

The government has also launched developmental activities in parts of the region. The completion of repair work on PTV booster and other uplift schemes encouraged tribal people.

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