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Five maternity hospitals to be build in remote areas: Yasmin Rashid

LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid Monday said that Punjab government has planned to construct five maternity modern based hospitals in rural areas of the province to help provide better healthcare facilities for pregnant women.

“We are ready for implementation of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision in the targeted period, which is subjected to the provision of timely funds for construction of these hospitals”, Rashid said.

She said that since the provision of medical facilities for people of rural areas as well as the cities is the top priority of the PTI government hence all possible measures are being taken to provide best possible healthcare facilities to the people at their doorsteps.

She added that we have also planned to build more Nursing training colleges for young girls in South Punjab in the coming year after the financial budget announced.

In emergency wards of the government hospitals in Punjab, senior doctors will be incorporated, she said, adding that “emergency wards will be upgraded”. Air ambulance services will also be introduced for the betterment of the public.

She further said the government provided total Rs32 billion estimated medicines in government hospitals within its first six months.

Highlighting achievements of the health sector, the minister said that Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute and Research Center is coming up with the state of the art health facilities for the poor patients in Punjab

Health Minister Yasmin Rashid also expressed gratitude over the first successful operation of the newly-established institution. She said that the liver donor and the patient both are in good state.

The present government is committed to ensuring maternal and child health and providing quality of care in health services, she added.

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