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Seeking a foothold in interior Sindh

With the help of strange bedfellows

Imran Khan is out to oust Zardari, Bilawal and Nawaz Sharif from politics for whatever it takes. One can therefore understand PTI chief’s keenness to improve his position in interior Sindh from where his party managed to grab only two seats each in national and provincial assemblies. The means adopted to achieve the end however once again expose Imran Khan’s holier than thou posture. To start with he enlisted the support of Arbab Ghulam Rahim who is a turncoat with few moral scruples. It was already being reported that Arbab was joining the PTI. Like all power seeking politicians Imran Khan too made promises to his audience. He suddenly remembered that the eradication of poverty was his prime concern and this had brought him, after seven months, to the poorest district of the country.

It appears that Imran Khan’s address at Chhachhro Taluka of Tharparkar district was a aimed at launching Arbab who along with the local GDA legislator welcomed him and called for a hefty package for the district. The PM announced a health package comprising Insaf Health Cards for 112,000 families, four ambulances and two mobile hospitals for the entire district. Also 100 RO plants to provide potable water and solar power for areas having no access to the national power grid. The district was also promised to be the first beneficiary of profits from coal being excavated from the area. It remains to be seen whether the constitution allows the center to take a decision in this regard. Most of Imran Khan’s address comprised denunciation of the PPP government and its leaders including Zardari and Bilawal. This was followed by an appeal to the audience to support the PTI, which suggests that that fulfillment of the long gestation promises might be predicated on the demand being fulfilled

It was however timely and appropriate to extend the assurance to the sizeable Hindu population in Tharparkar that nobody would be allowed to disturb the communal harmony in the district as well as the whole country. At a time when Muslims are being widely mistreated in India the assurance was much needed.