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White Lies

Where is the press czar of the current government? Ever since his tussle with Naeem ul Haq, the man seems to be on a soft gag order of sorts.

He used to drive journalists crazy by playing them down and trivialising their financial woes…while still getting top headlines because of his shoot-from-the-hip quips. What goes around comes around.

Strange that the national media, being praised for its restraint during the current tension with India, is also being penalised when it comes to government ads as well. The information minister, subdued he might be, is still going full steam ahead with the setting up of what many caution is going to be a draconian regulatory watchdog.


Imagine the worst of the Pakistani media. Now multiply it by a factor of twenty. Then feed it steroids and make it snort cocaine. That would describe the Indian media.
The Pakistani media certainly does seem to have a professiorial disposition when compared with its Indian counterparts.

It’s one long screamfest where the anchors don’t even make the pretence of letting the guests speak.

Though the Indian media is free, which the Pakistani media isn’t. That is even worse. Is that what the Indian media decided to do with its freedom?