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Pulwama—Modi’s Waterloo

  • There are major loopholes in the odious assault claims

The 14 February 2019 mischief of the Indian deep state in inflicting a false flag operation to kill 49 of its own personnel of Central Reserve Police Force (CPRF) at Pulwama has multiple aims. At the drop of a hat, before any investigation into the heinous act could be commenced, Pakistan was blamed for it, its Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status was revoked and Indian media and politicians went berserk in their bellicose threats to Pakistan of dire consequences.

This particular false flag operation has multi-pronged agendas. India has failed to cow down the resilience and determination of brave-heart Kashmiri people, an increasing and strangulating terror campaign was unleashed by Indian Law Enforcing Agencies (LEA) in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) since the start of the year.

The 14 February ghoulish act of Indian deep state claims that a remote controlled explosive laden vehicle was rammed into a caravan of CRPF personnel near Goripora, Pulwama district. Reportedly, Indian media reports state that it was driven by Adil Dar, reportedly a Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) activist.

There are major loopholes in the odious assault claims. Adil Dar was in Indian custody. He was arrested as a freedom fighter and having been incarcerated, he could not have been responsible for the act.

Reportedly, Adil Dar was not seen active along-with other Kashmiri youth endeavouring against Indian forces since last year. Suddenly, he appeared on social media with pictures depicting him in revolutionary attire. Moreover, the viral video indicates that the attack was executed by him individually without the assistance of other colleagues (which creates doubts). It is also reported by the Indian media that CRPF convoy was delayed for two days, then how an individual civilian had the information about the exact passage of the CRPF convoy?

It has been mentioned that 300kg of RDX was used to blast the CRPF convoy. Were Indian intelligence agencies napping that such a massive operation was carried out successfully under their noses?

Imran has predicted that it is easy to start a war but very difficult to end one. It is certain that with both antagonists being nuclear weapons equipped, it will be a mutually assured destruction

The timing of the attack is ominous. Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman was visiting Pakistan for two days, bringing a twenty billion dollars’ worth of investment to Pakistan. Indian attempts to isolate Pakistan have failed miserably. Saudi, Chinese, Emirati, Malaysian, Turkish, Russian and numerous other investments have bailed out Pakistan from its dire economic state and put it on the path of development and prosperity.

History is replete with examples, where each time a high-level visit has taken place to India or Pakistan, Indian deep state and BJP government has attempted to gain international sympathy by launching a false flag operation. Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, directly after the Pulwama attack, declared that Pakistan will be isolated.

Senior RAW operative and heartless terrorist Commander Kulbhoshan Jadhav, who has been sentenced to death after being nabbed from Baluchistan and meted the death sentence by a Field General Court Martial, is being tried to be saved of going to the gallows by India. Ministry of External Affairs of India took the case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The hearing was scheduled at The Hague on 18 February, where Pakistan presented classified information regarding Kulbhoshan Jadhav’s confessional statement and detailed dossier of evidence to the ICJ. The 14 February false flag operation at Pulwama could be a ploy to try and expose Pakistan as a terrorist state also on the eve of FATF hearing to blacklist Pakistan.

Indian atrocities in IOK have seen a meteoric rise since June 2014, when Narendra Modi took oath of office. On 3 February Modi visited IOK but the territory was in a state of lockdown. No Kashmiri came out to greet him. Contrarily, on 5 February, Kashmir Solidarity Day, every major world capital witnessed rallies in support of the Kashmiris, while seminars, discussions and photographic exhibitions depicted Indian atrocities against the hapless Kashmiris. The Pulwama terror attack is to divert international attention away from Indian brutalities and terror wreaked in IOK.

Adil Dar, who has been presented as the perpetrator of the terror attack, had not only been arrested while returning from school, he was forced to face the ignominy of rubbing his nose in dirt and draw a circle in the dirt around the jeep of his tormentors. Dar’s cousins and brothers have been martyred earlier. With such ruthlessness, India has not only failed to win the hearts and minds of the Kashmiris but turned them into traumatised mental wrecks that have nothing but vengeance on their minds.

2019 is year of general elections in India. The ruling BJP has failed to deliver on its promises of enhancing Indian prestige and economy. All major policies of India have failed under the watch of BJP. In the forthcoming elections Indian Congress appears to be gaining ground while BJP is apparently facing certain defeat, Modi has planned false flag operations to gain the sympathy of Indian voters, rally the people behind it and raise so much hype that Indian people demand action against Pakistan.

In the milieu of war mongering and demands of taking punitive action against Pakistan, Modi may dare to carry out surgical strikes as well as adventurism against Pakistan.

Modi should take cognizance that Pakistan is a nuclear weapons armed state and has second strike capability. Any aggression against Pakistan can trigger a full-scale conflict, which can engulf the entire region in nuclear war, resulting in mutually assured destruction. Is Modi prepared for such dire consequences?

Modi had miscalculated Pakistani and international response. Pakistan’s measured response has shaken him while the International response too is chastising Indians for the human rights accesses in IOK. The war drums that Modi has been beating have reached such a crescendo that now Modi risks losing the elections if he does not carry out his promise of punishing Pakistan. The Pakistani Prime Minister has rightly mentioned in his address to the nation but directed at Modi that if India foments trouble, Pakistan will not think of retaliation but retaliate with full might. Pakistan believes in “First Strike” at the slightest hint of Indian mischief. It also possesses “Second Strike Capability”.

Imran has predicted that it is easy to start a war but very difficult to end one. It is certain that with both antagonists being nuclear weapons equipped, it will be a mutually assured destruction, in which both nations will perish, and the subsequent holocaust will affect future generations and life forms too.

During the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince to New Delhi, Modi cajoled and begged the royal visitor to condemn Pakistan for the Pulwama attack but visiting Royalty refused to oblige in the absence of credible evidence. Apparently, Modi has met his Waterloo and fallen into the abyss he had dug for Pakistan.

Sultan M Hali

The author is a retired Group Captain and author of the book Defence & Diplomacy. Currently he is a columnist, analyst and TV talk show host.