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Nation supports PM’s brave stand against Indian proactive attitude: Haleem Adil

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter General Secretary Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that the entire Pakistani nation supports Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s brave stand against India’s proactive attitude, adding that it is high time that India stops the abuse of human rights in occupied Kashmir.

According to the details, Sheikh on Wednesday submitted a resolution against India’s provocative attitude in Sindh Assembly Secretariat after the premier’s speech.

“This house unanimously resolves that Prime Minister Imran Khan, through his video message has vividly and effectively represented nation’s will about the provocative reaction adopted by Indian State through its government and media as an aftermath of the attack on its soldiers in Pulwama, a settlement of Indian held Kashmir. The nation stands by Prime Minister for responding to Indian tirade/propaganda against Pakistan and completely endorses our leadership’s call for free, fair and thorough investigation of the Pulwama attack, seeking a resolution of Kashmir dispute through negotiations and responding to possible Indian aggression against Pakistan in a befitting manner,” the resolution said.

The resolution further stated that India should put its own House in order, stop using massive human rights abuse as a medium to stifle indigenous movement for right to self-determination in Kashmir, facilitate implementation of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir, abandon propaganda spree against Pakistan and revert to comprehensive negotiations for the final settlement of all disputes with Pakistan, including Kashmir.

“The international community, especially the United Nations (UN) should play a role to bring atrocities in Kashmir by Indian occupant forces to an end. It should press India to end the illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, stop her threatening the peace of South Asia as well as world through a well-thought-out scheme of dragging the region into an inter-state conflict between two nuclear states,” the resolution added.

Talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly, Sheikh said that we have deposited our resolution on this important matter in the Sindh assembly secretariat.

He said the failure of Modi’s government in India is levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan for political point scoring. He said we strongly condemn Indian hegemony and tirade. .

Sheikh further said that Kashmiris are only demanding their right of self-determination, and India should not think that opposition parties in Pakistan are not on one page on this issue. “All political parties are on the same page regarding national issues and the whole nation stands behind Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan,” he said.

The PTI leader termed the Indian government a terrorist government involved in terrorism in the illegally occupied Kashmir, adding that they had not been able to provide any proof which even the Pakistani prime minister has asked for.

He added that the attack was an internal job of India’s own government that had sacrificed its own soldiers in exchange for winning an election. “The Pulwama attack is an internal matter of India and it should not blame others. India says Pakistan is behind the Pulwama attack, but we say that India itself it behind this attack as it is close to elections,” he said.

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