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Masses second PM’s warning to India against aggression

–Survey reveals people from all walks of life, regardless of political differences, supporting PM Imran’s pledge to retaliate if New Delhi doesn’t behave

LAHORE: Following Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s warning to India against any aggression, the entire nation is standing with the armed forces of the country and supporting the premier’s pledge to retaliate if New Delhi does not refrain from its actions, a survey conducted by Pakistan Today revealed Tuesday.

According to the details, people from all walks of life, while supporting PM Imran regardless of political differences, have expressed grief and anger over Indian rhetoric that follows last week’s Pulwama attack.

Speaking to this scribe, a trader of Hall Road, Rana Riaz, said it wasn’t the first time that the Indian government was blaming Pakistan for something that had gone wrong. “Our national policies enunciate that we want peace and stability in the region but it does not mean that we are weak or feeble and cannot give India a befitting response against its logical aggression.”

This, he said, was high time India decided what it wants. “We do not react to India’s anti-Pakistan sentiments and stay calm but have complete faith in our armed forces that are among the best in the world. We will support our army come what may,” he said further, adding that Pakistan too can cause India harms by halting cross-border trade at once.

A resident of Gulberg, Dr Nadia, said that Pakistan has always sought stability in the region and good ties with all its neighbours. “India has no evidence to prove its allegations against Pakistan and, like always, is now playing a blame game. The so-called democrats of India should know that Pakistan will retaliate each and every attack this time,” she said.

“People should realise that peace is our wish but not our weakness.”

A student of Punjab University, Raheel Anjum, was of the view that Pakistan is an atomic power, has the best army and the courage to fight any enemy, but wants peace. “Why does the Indian government not understand that this kind of aggression and economic war will ruin peace in the region?”

“Water issues, the Kashmir dispute and cross-border firing routine means they want war. India should know that we are standing with our army and the government and are united when it comes to national interests. PM Imran’s message is the voice of each and every Pakistani,” he said.

A businessman and factory owner, Raja Khalil, said the sudden raise in import duty on Pakistani products by India was “historic stupidity”. “The entire nation is on the same page and we will respond to Indian aggression if needs be. Our army and the nation is ready to retaliate. India is trying to ruin our international image which is not at all tolerable,” Khalil added.

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