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White Lies

Sheikh Rasheed, the Pindiboy extraordinaire, the self-described ‘downtown man’, seems to have been given a shut up call by Imran Khan recently.

In his constant harangues against Shehbaz Sharif’s appointment as the public accounts committee head, he had started calling out PTI members for their incompetence as well.

All that has come to a sudden halt, after the former Punjab CM’s bail. Now, it’s only trains that the man is talking about.


Wanting ones own chef to accompany him is understandable(ish) despite being incredibly extravagant. The visiting Crown Prince might be afraid of being poisoned or something. Travelling with his own gym equipment also (might) make sense to fitness freaks who don’t want to lose a single day of their ‘bro-splits.’

But why is the visiting prince also bringing his sofa set? Who takes furniture along?

In any case, we are being told that the prime minister is going to be driving him from the airport to the PM House (university?)

If the man can’t do without his sofa, one wonders how he’ll be comfortable with the Kaptaan’s driving skills.