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Former Indian CM lauds PM Imran, criticises Indian govt over renaming cities

Former Indian Jammu and Kashmir chief minister (CM) Mehbooba Mufti has lauded Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan for his decision to name the Baloki forest reserve after Guru Nanak while slamming the Indian government for its regressive attitude.

Comparing the Pakistani government to the one in India, Mehbooba said that it was disappointing that the Indian government was only interested in changing the names of monuments and old cities bearing Muslim names while the Pakistani premier had proved to be progressive.

Taking to Twitter, she said, “How times change. Centre’s top priority is seemingly renaming historic cities & building Ram Mandir. On the other hand, heartening to see that Pak PM has initiated steps to name Baloki forest reserve after Guru Nanak ji & create a university under his name.”

Further, speaking to the Indian media on Monday, the former Indian CM once again drew comparisons between the two neighbouring countries and their recent actions.

”Monuments and old cities with Muslim names are being given Hindu names. There’s a race to build the temple. Muslims are killed in the name of cow vigilantism, instead of taking action, the central government puts them in jails under NSA like in MP. Politics is being done in name of Hindutva,” she said.

”In Pakistan, they formed an Act to save temples and want to name a forest reserve and a university after Guru Nanak ji. If you compare, you’ll feel that there is some kind of exchange between our nation formed on the foundation of secularism and Pakistan formed on basis of religion,” she added.

It is pertinent to mention here that Indian cities of Allahabad and Faizabad were renamed Prayagraj and Ayodhya, respectively.

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