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No Basant this year, govt assures LHC

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Saturday released its written judgment on petitions against celebrating Basant festival in Punjab, a private media outlet reported.

According to reports, the court verdict said that the government of Punjab has assured that it has decided not to allow Basant across the province this year.

The LHC had earlier directed the Punjab government to submit by January 24 its reply on petitions challenging plans to celebrate the festival.

The court had ordered the government to ensure the protection of lives and properties before allowing to celebrate Basant.

The verdict mandated the government to hold consultations with all stakeholders before allowing the festivity and also said that the authorities would only allow Basant after a serious and balanced decision.

“The petitioners have no objection over the government’s stance over the issue and the court dismisses the petition after the statement of the government of Punjab,” the judgment said.

Earlier, the Punjab government had announced to lift the ban on Basant celebrations and said that the festival would be held in February.

A number of citizens had taken the government to court against the decision to lift the ban, pleading that any festival at the expense of human lives should not be allowed.

They had pleaded to the court to strike down the government’s decision and uphold the 12-year-old ban.

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