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Sherry Rehman tells PIA to focus on routes, not ‘crew waistline’

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management is considering a proposal to offload its overweight flight attendants from international flights.

With four days remaining in the deadline set for overweight cabin crew to shed body weight, PIA Flight Service General Manager Amir Bashir sought details about all such employees.

Responding to news that PIA is considering offloading “overweight flight hostesses”, former senator and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sherry Rehman wrote that she “will bring this gross sexism up in the Civil Aviation Committee of Senate”.

“Suddenly we are hearing constantly about female cabin crew needing to look like models. [It is] time to focus on BIG structural, safety and business issues. PIA routes and fleets are important, not crew waistline,” she condemned.

Lawyer and activist Iman Zainab Mazari wrote that “PIA’s problem is not that it’s air stewardesses are ‘unattractive’ but that incompetent men heading the airline, lacking vision and commitment have made decisions to run the airline like a bharti brigade.”

Journalist Raza Rumi wrote that when the national flag carrier wanted to fire aging air hostesses, the late Asma Jahangir fought the case against such acts of discrimination and the move was reversed.

“It is at such junctures one wishes she had not left us so early,” he lamented.

Earlier, on Jan 1, the PIA in an effort to improve its performance issued a memo, directing 1,800 flight attendants to lose weight up to the desired standard set by its management or face being grounded.

The PIA administration announced to gradually reduce waiver of 30 lbs (pounds) excess weight to zero lbs in upcoming months for the cabin crew.

Last week, PIA caught flak when it announced that it will stop playing soft music during its flights and instead Qaseeda Burda Sharif (an ode of praise for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be played.

The decision was taken under directives of PIA Chairman Air Marshal Arshad Malik.

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