Local software company prefers hiring ‘non-hijabi’ employees | Pakistan Today

Local software company prefers hiring ‘non-hijabi’ employees

Nextbridge (Pvt) Limited, a software house located in Johar Town area of Lahore, wants to hire employees/interns who are willing to “wear business attire” without abaya and/or scarf.

A screenshot of their latest vacancy was circulating on social media with the caption “If it is not safety requirement or job requirement or it violates basic social decency people should allow wearing whatever they think appropriate #Shame #Discrimination.”

The company had listed a vacancy for an IT Intern on jobs portal Rozee.pk, wherein the “requirements” section, it stated that “an ideal candidate must be willing to wear business attire without an abaya, veil or scarf”.

This is not the first incident where there is discrimination against women wearing religious attire; people all over the world have faced various levels of discrimination over the same and some of them are set on breaking these stereotypes.

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