Father of Amal Umer lashes out against Bilawal for ‘hypocrisy’ over Sahiwal incident | Pakistan Today

Father of Amal Umer lashes out against Bilawal for ‘hypocrisy’ over Sahiwal incident

The father of Amal Umer, a child who was killed by a bullet fired by the Sindh police, has criticised Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari for speaking up against the Sahiwal incident but not against the killing of the young girl.

“How come there wasn’t a similar statement from Bilawal Bhutto Zardari when my daughter  Amal Umer was shot by the Sindh police and denied treatment at NMC” tweeted Umer Adil after Bilawal Bhutto had issued a statement in the wake of the tragic event.

The PPP chairman had responded to the horrific incident in Sahiwal, where officials of the Punjab Police’s Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) on Saturday sprayed a  car with bullets near Sahiwal, killing four people including  a  couple their teenage daughter and their  driver. He said that the PTI had turned Punjab into a police state, and that the “killing of parents in front of their innocent children is a slap on the faces of those making false claims  of good governance.”

“What has the Sindh Government done so far in 5 mths apart from supporting the hospital?” Umer Adil went on to ask in his tweet.

“Even at a time of this tragedy all they can do is blame others while countless innocent lives are lost at the hands of this failed system” he said in a different tweet.

“They stay quiet when it happens in their own backyard.”

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