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VIDEO: Indian national mesmerised by Lahore-Islamabad motorway facilities

An Indian national touring Pakistan made a video lauding the facilities being provided to travellers on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

In the video which was shared by a Pakistani on Twitter on Sunday, the Indian national identified as Arvind Saharan is seen mesmerised by different things including proper parking, availability of good food, and other things while adding that he felt like he was in a foreign country.

“I am going to Islamabad from Lahore. I thought I should stop here for two minutes to share my experience. I came to Pakistan from India and till today I felt as I was still in India. But here I got the feeling of being in a foreign country,” he said.

“I am standing at a bus stop on Lahore-Islamabad motorway. Here you can see proper and marked parking space for motorists. Cleaners come to clean the car when it stops. There are around 15 to 20 food outlets here. It has proper bus stops. Travellers don’t have to worry about clean food and clean bathrooms,” he added.

“People at least have the sense to provide all facilities that one need while travelling. So, hats off to people whoever had planned all this. Well done Pakistan,” he further said while adding that one must appreciate when something good was being done.

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