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Twitterati criticise govt’s reaction to Sahiwal massacre

Following the killing of four people by the Punjab Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials on Saturday in a suspicious ‘encounter’ on GT Road near Sahiwal, people took to their social media to criticise the government’s reaction to the massacre.

The hashtags #Sahiwalmassacre and #SahiwalKillings were seen trending on Twitter as people voiced their opinions about the incident.

A Twitter user urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to tweet about the incident saying, “Can PM tweet about too ? If he’s done tweeting in favour of ECL.” However, earlier during the day PM Imran tweeted and said that “swift action will be taken after JIT’s report in Sahiwal ‘encounter’ case”.

Another user said, “This is a test case for  . If he is able to give justice to the family, he will shut all the critics, and cement his place as CM.

Moreover, Twitter user Riaz said, “All limits of brutality were crossed by today, it is a challenge for PM & to bring Police Reforms, Punjab Police is badly damaged and needs true reforms. Today must open our eyes.”

Another criticised Punjab CM Usman Buzdar’s move to present flowers to the injured saying, “They don’t want flowers, they want justice, Puppet CM you don’t have senses.

Gul Bukhari also criticised Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry’s comment that “the terrorists used women during the Sahiwal incident” and termed it as “Despicable. Complete absence of morals.

Fakhr-e-Alam also took to Twitter said, “What a great example it will be if the Chief Minister Punjab and IG Punjab resign or are sacked today. Everything that the other governments did wrong maybe the new government can do right. Set precedence like never before. #SahiwalIncident #SahiwalShaddyEncounter”

Moreover, another user said, “ this is not acceptable we need actions. bus hai ab batain, notices yeh dramay nai chahye. You’ve trained us to question.we’re not patwari’s PM we will criticise u more than your opposition bcoz we have so many expectations from you”

Twitter user Salman Haider said, “So these are the reforms the new government promised to bring in police? Nothing got changed, they were killers in uniform earlier, they still are the same. Former Governments failed to control this beast, NEW Government isn’t looking any different.

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