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Haider Mustehsan’s new song did not impress us at all

Momina Mustehsan’s brother Haider Mustehsan or HDR (as mentioned on Patari) just released a new song titled “Kahani” and we are clearly not impressed.

According to the official description, it’s a “track that is a fantastic mix of Eastern and Western vibes, a super track guaranteed to get you grooving to the beat”; but it really didn’t. During most of the song, we were cringing because there was nothing “OMG WOW” about the music or lyrics. It was a little off-putting we’d say.

One thing that can easily be said is that it has all the ingredients of a song that an expat cousin would sing at a desi wedding. An attempt at desi pop and R&B by HDR did not impress us, especially that he has taken this risk at such an early phase in his career, unlike Momina who was in a much better place when she started out with catchy songs like Pee Jaaon.

Coming back to the song, the tune’s got some unoriginal lyrics in English, Urdu and Punjabi that are all over the place. It had everything that we felt like was done a gazillion times before.

With that being said, HDR has a good voice and we know if he ups his game a little, he can go a long way and we are hoping for some good original tracks that will be released soon.

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