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Amal Umar case: Report holds private hospital, ambulance service responsible

–Report says hospital changed date, time of death of 10-year-old; police and Aman Foundation ambulance service admitted their negligence 

ISLAMABAD: The committee set up to probe the death of Amal Umar, who passed away after being hit by a bullet shot by a police officer during an encounter last year, on Thursday held the private hospital, ambulance service and Sindh Healthcare Commission responsible in its report.

A report was submitted to the Supreme Court by the six-member committee, headed by Justice (r) Khilji Arif Hussain.

The report states that the National Medical Centre (NMC) where Amal was taken didn’t take responsibility for the death of 10-year-old. The hospital also altered the date and time of her death to prove that the child was dead on arrival at the hospital. The hospital also failed to give proper medical equipment so that the wounded child could be transferred. The report also accused the hospital of lying to the committee.

The parents had claimed that the staff at the NMC had refused to help them as it was a “medico-legal case” and asked them to take the child to Jinnah Hospital. They initially did not even help them arrange an ambulance, her mother had added.

“When we asked if we could take the ambu bag along, the NMC staff refused,” she had noted. “My daughter was breathing till we were at NMC.”

By the time an ambulance reached them and they took their daughter to Jinnah Hospital it was too late. Amal had lost the battle for her life by then. The bullet that hit Amal was fired by a police officer, using an AK-47, who was firing at a mugger on the eve of Independence Day.

The report submitted to the top court also stated that the Aman Foundation ambulance service had also admitted its mistake.

Another member of the committee, Advocate Faisal Siddiqui, told the court that the police also admitted their negligence. He noted that high-power weapons had been provided to the police without adequate training.

The advocate added that the Sindh Health Commission submitted a report in favour of the hospital. To which, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar asked if NMC should be given time to submit a reply to the report.

To this Siddiqi replied, that they should be allowed to submit a response.

The apex court then directed Karachi Police, Sindh Health Commission, Aman Foundation and NMC to submit their replies to the inquiry report.

In November, a special anti-terrorism court (ATC) indicted a suspect, Khalid, who was arrested in the Amal death case pertaining to a police encounter and robbery. Khalid was booked in a police encounter and robbery case.


Justice Nisar, during the proceedings, asked Amal’s parents if they wanted the hearing to take place in Karachi or Islamabad. To this, Amal’s mother, Beenish replied that it was better if the hearing could continue in Islamabad.

Justice Nisar also apologised to parents for not hearing the case till the end.

Amal’s parents thanked the chief justice and the bench for taking notice of the incident.

The case was then adjourned for 10 days.

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