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Imran Khan’s NRO charge against opposition

  • Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

Imran Khan needs to take note of how some of his most fervent supporters in media have got disenchanted with his performance. Such is the level of frustration on their part that they are now employing  the same  opprobrious epithets to describe the PTI chief that they had  reserved so far for  Zardari and the Sharifs. His erstwhile fans condemn him for  total  failure to perform over the last five months accusing the PM  of  collecting together a team of clueless advisers who had done zero homework before assuming office. These are the conclusions reached by the opposition much earlier.

The ongoing two weeks long stormy session of the NA had an ominous start  with the Opposition’s walk out, once again accusing the PTI of recourse to unparliamentary language. The session is supposed to pass  two major bills. These include  the second mini budget in four months  which is a testimony to PTI government’s adhocism in economic policymaking.  Despite dissenting voices from PTI’s coalition partners, with each one seeking concessions for every favour done, it  might be easier to pass the mini budget. But will the government  be able to  evolve a consensus with the Opposition for the third extension to military courts, under the sunset 23rd Constitutional Amendment that is to expire  in March 30? The task has become difficult after all  opposition parties in Parliament  having decided to form a committee to devise a joint strategy to deal with the government on various issues instead of making decisions individually.

Despite the government  appointing  a two member committee to evolve  consensus  over the twin  issues, Imran Khan preceded by PTI’s loose gun Fawad Chaudhary made no secret of their visiting Sindh with a purpose to destbilise the PPP government. The information minister has threatened to create a forward bloc in  Sindh PPP predicting that the provincial government can fall any moment.  Imran Khan has again raised the NRO bogey. With no change in PTI leadership’s aggressive thinking  there is little hope of political temperature coming down. For the PTI government, the rest of the year is likely to be as unproductive as the past five months.